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Get Organized 2012: Book Giveaway

*** This Giveaway is Now Closed***

YAY! It’s time for my first ever giveaway! Thank you for stopping by and adding your name to the drawing. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now and I’m excited to find out who wins!

I’ve tried to keep this giveaway as simple as possible. To enter the drawing for the books, leave a comment to this post. I’ll keep the entry open for 7 days, until next Thursday. For the full details, including eligibility requirements, read below:

Get Organized 2012 Giveaway Rules & Information

The Prize: One (1) copy of the book Organize Now! + One (1) At-A-Glance Daily Organizer Planning Notebook with two days per page.

Number of Winners: One winner.

To Enter: Leave a comment below to enter. I’d love to hear what you feel your biggest organizational challenge is. What is that one (or two) thing(s) that you keep fighting? For me, it’s paper and laundry!

The Duration: The giveaway will be open to enter for seven (7) days, from Thursday, January 12, 2012 through Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 9:00 pm Central Standard Time.

Eligibility Terms: This giveaway is limited to United States residents age 18 and older. (My apologies to my Canadian and International friends. I wish “contest” laws weren’t so tricky when it came to giving things away of all things!) Void where prohibited by law. One entry per email address only. By entering you agree to these terms and also to let me contact you by email to let you know if you won. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Shipment Terms: Prize is shipped to the United States to eligible United States resident.

Winner Selection: The winner will be chosen randomly chosen by Randomizer.org. I will update this post to reveal the winner on Friday, January 20, 2012.

*** This Giveaway is Now Closed***

Congratulations to Tamara Wilson, #111!

I will contact the winner by email to get contact information for shipping. If I am not answered within 3 days, I will do another drawing for a runner-up.


– In the case of any technical difficulties, I will allow up to one additional day to compensate for downtime, at my discretion, with sufficient notification added to this post. In addition, if I am unable to contact the winner at his or her email address, or the winner does not reply within a reasonable time period I will award the prize to another randomly chosen commenter.

– Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes on the prize.

– In case anyone from my family or hometown is wondering … yes, you can certainly be my friend or family member and enter this drawing. Only Daniel and I and ineligible individuals from outside the U.S. are excluded from winning this helpful book!

– I keep your information private. I will not share emails or anything else with a third party. Email is collected as a means to identify entries and so I can contact the winner.

– p.s. I wasn’t paid or rewarded in any way to host this. In fact, I chose (and used my own money to purchase) these books because I feel like they are truly helpful and I want to share how empowering it feels to be organized!

If you’re new to Behind Closed Drawers, welcome! I hope you’ll stop and stay for awhile. Grab a cup of coffee, and dig in. This blog recounts my journey to getting my home organized (you can get caught up by starting here for a list of my most popular and favorite posts), and I do my best to post as many hints and tips as I can that I’ve learned along the way, such as my recent series on 5 Steps to Get Organized in 2012. I’ve also just started a new Home Tour Tuesday series with before-and-afters of my projects.

To subscribe to my blog posts, you can opt for an RSS feed (the logo is in the top right-hand corner of this blog) or subscribe by entering your email address in the field provided. I won’t spam you or give your information to anyone!



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One year later …

One year. Can it be? 365 days ago I began writing out my experiences with organizing. I wasn’t sure where it would go, but I was eager to find out. My first blog post ever was about cleaning up the desk in our sad little office/guest room/craft room/storage unit in the old house.

I hit the ground running and conquered several areas after that. To my astonishment and excitement, Mrs. Limestone over at Brooklyn Limestone linked to my zero-budget bathroom drawer solution at the end of her Junk Drawer Overhaul series. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my stats counter jumped overnight. Now, traffic hasn’t been quite that busy (crazy to have your highest traffic day within your first month of blogging, huh?), but it has been steady over the past year.

Within the first two weeks, I had read books on organizing, pondered my existence (okay, maybe just how I got to be messy in the first place), and conquered my master bedroom closet. I have to say, that closet remains one of my proudest organizational moments. Up until that point, my bedroom closet had always been the scary territory where boxes and bags and missing clothing and everything that had nowhere else to go got stuck. Now, our clothes closet is just a clothes closet, and it has been (mostly) tidy. Not always blog picture-perfect, but always neat and useable.

The next big traffic spike came from Centsational Girl when Kate featured a picture of my spray-painted branches project in a highlights post she made after her Paint Projects Party. Talk about excited! I was glowing.

In the months to come I would paint our dining room and discover that a LOT of people were finding this blog by searching for greige paint. In fact, it is still a top search term! Can’t say I blame them. I’m a fan of greige and loved the Behr color I had picked. Sadly, we moved shortly afterwards, so bye-bye greige!

Other popular posts included our tutorial on how to install a digital programmable thermostat to save on electric bills, my use of storage above our washer and dryer, and how I compare organizing and decluttering to following a household budget.

Summertime slowed blogging down to a crawl. There were places and people to see and things to do and I realized blogging was eating up a lot of Daniel’s and my together time after work. I geared back a little, which wasn’t too hard since so many of my biggest clutter spots were now under control thanks to our early push for organization in January and February.

Then, in September, my former roommate who had lived with me in my dad’s rental duplex (pre-wedding) moved out of the house. In an off-hand comment while we were running on treadmills at the YMCA, Daniel suggested we move in. And just like that, we were handing in our notice on our lease and taking weekends to move all of our stuff into a home I had lived in–TWICE–before.

Our attempts at decluttering from a previous move had already paid off, but this move got our butts in gear. We donated/tossed/sold even more items so we took only what we really wanted to bring with us. Our previous move took six months to get our things unpacked and under control. This time? A mere six weeks, give or take.

And that brings us to the present. I started the year off with a blog series of Five Steps to Get Organized in 2012 to share what I’ve learned so far. Now, with my new Home Tour Tuesday feature, I’ll explore the duplex and show off the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re looking forward to renovating it to sell in the future, but we’re also excited about decorating and making it our own, and I still have some clutter habits to conquer.

Here’s to another productive 365 (well, 366 since it is a leap year) days of this organizational journey. To celebrate our first year, be sure to check out the giveaway I’m hosting in today’s next blog post!


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