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Stop Animated Bookshelf

It’s Sunday! Last day of the weekend … hope you’re taking the time to enjoy it with someone you love. Monday is coming tomorrow (but we won’t think about that now), so live it up!

If you have A LOT of time on your hands, why not organize your bookshelves by color and film an animation that brings them to charmingly anthropomorphic life? These guys did.


I just had to share this film by Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp I found via Apartment Therapy. It makes me happy, even though I could never organize our bookshelf by color, no matter how aesthetically pleasing that would be. The librarian in me would never let that happen! How would I find a book on a particular topic and I forget what color it is? That would be a looooong search. That being said; it is pretty.

At any rate, I hope this brought a smile to your face!


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Day 11: Dining Room Bookshelf Nook – Before

I have big plans for this baby. I do love the nook. It’s easily accessible from the kitchen and has already proven to be the ideal spot to keep spiced cider warm during parties (see the outlet to the right, hidden behind my Tupperware?)

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