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Nashville Craigslist Finds

Anyone else in Nashville looking for some quality furniture at a reasonable price? I know I am. Now, I can’t use these, but if anything catches your eye, I’ve found a few things you might want to click on and check out further. I’ve add things that catch my eye in the mid-century modern, modern, and eclectic styles. Happy hunting!

Mid century modern lane side table/coffee table – $89 (Franklin) (ABOVE)

Mahogany Armoire – $300 (Hendersonville)


Pair HOT PINK Mid Century Modern Arm Chairs – $175 (Franklin)

Modern Floor Mirror- Black Distressed – $199 (Nashville)

West Elm Bond Desk (Large) – $200 (Franklin, TN)


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Dining Room Nook Shelves With Wallpaper Ideas

I had a brilliant idea for affordable “wallpaper” in between our shelves in the dining room nook. Paper Source has some gorgeous fine decorative papers. I want to paint the walls greige and the trim a brighter white, so I used some Photoshop and did a rough comp of the new paint colors next to the possible paper choices, and this is what I found. So many pretty options!

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The Household Budget

{Image: Billy Frank Alexander}

Sometimes, it’s not all about dollars and cents; sometimes, it’s about feet and inches.

Living an organized lifestyle is a lot like living on a budget, except with space as the currency. Instead of allotting a certain amount of money to a budgetary expense, you allocate a certain area on a shelf or in a closet or under a bed. (Apparently, organization requires a lot of prepositions.)

Take inventory of your household space budget. Be meticulous. Just like your finances, organizational success depends on being honest with yourself. You have to live within your means. In this case, quite literally.

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Laundry Zone, Cont.

There’s only so much you can do on a limited budget, but that forces you to get creative … to think outside the box.

I daydream of days when I find somebody’s old mid-century modern castoff sideboard from Grandma’s house tossed aside on the side of the street, waiting for me to take it home. Or I purchase a rare decorative item ready to be spraypainted into new life, that had just been sitting on a shelf in Goodwill and on sale for .99 cents. I get excited when I find a starburst mirror at Target. Obviously, I’m not going to go out and buy a Saarinen dining table tomorrow. Now, if anyone has one they want to give me, I’ll take it! I’ve only been drooling over it in every major design magazine layout I’ve loved for the past ten years.

In the meantime, while we pay off debt and built up our savings, I re-use, recycle, and renew. Take, for instance, the familiar dining room nook:

It’s not where I want it to be yet. That will come later, in time. But for now, there was a basket, a vase, a figurine with great emotional significance given to me by a dear friend of my mother’s, and some matching bowls I made in one of my college pottery classes. I “shopped” from other rooms to find some items that suited this nook. Total cost to us: $0.00. Well … maybe  .45 cents. The flowers were on clearance at Kroger for .99 cents and I split the bouquet into smaller groupings throughout the house.

The basket is dual-purpose. Gotta love that! It not only adds some visual interest, but it also holds the extra kitchen towels that won’t fit in the drawer, and the stain removal pens. The counter top I left empty … ready to use to fold laundry, like the shirts I have on there currently.

We’re getting there! It’s definitely a work in progress.


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Starburst Mirror Joy

I’ve been hunting for a starburst mirror in my budget for months. Months. I know I can’t afford an original or even a pricey high-end copycat.

I can, however, afford this lovely little knock-off from Target:

Be still my beating heart. I can put this in the budget! Since June I’ve wanted to put a gold starburst mirror above this fireplace, and now, it is within my reach. Hallelujah! Maybe next month it will reside there.

psst – if gold isn’t your thing, I found a similar (but not identical) silver one for around the same price at T.J.Maxx’s HomeGoods store in Franklin, TN.

{Photos: Mirror – Target, Mantle – Andrea B of Behind Closed Drawers}

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Day 3: My Reading List

You can tell I’m a geek at heart because I always want to learn as much as I can on the topic of any endeavor. Magazines, blogs, and Google top my list of research go-to places, but I also reach out to books.

I’m cheap. I apologize right now to all my local bookstores. I read most of my magazines right there in the store, and get inspiration for free, but sometimes I break down and buy something. In this case, many somethings.

During the Amazing Media Purge of 2011, my husband and I scored $103 cold hard cash (and an additional $67 on a later date) by selling our used books, dvds, games, and cds to McKays on Charlotte Pike in Nashville. It’s a mere 20-minute drive for us, and that is both a good thing (hello, purge!) and a bad thing (hello, more books coming home!). I admit it stung a little to leave them all behind, but it was for a good cause: organization and de-cluttering. Plus, $103 is never a bad thing when it was basically sitting on a shelf gathering dust (that you happen to be allergic to, anyway) in a previous life.

But I digress … I didn’t return from McKay’s empty-handed. Let’s face it: I never do. However, on this particular occasion it was worthwhile. I found some very helpful books on organizing that I’d love to share with you after the jump.

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