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Developing a Laundry System That Works

Remember this? We got rid of a lot of clothing. A LOT of clothing. Things that didn’t fit, were worn out, faded, stained, and out of date. Yet we still have one or two hampers of clothing that take a little extra care and as a result, have sat around for awhile waiting for that care to happen. (Can you say “wool sweaters?”)

So, in addition to actually buckling down and doing the laundry as we are able (and sorting some more!) I’ve been doing some research on systems, trying to get a feel for what will work for us. Daniel already had some great methods for sorting in place and I had a moment of brilliance (if I do say so myself) and realized the extra expandable shower curtain rod I had held onto would collapse down and fit perfectly in the dryer closet. I’ve been able to use it to have hangers at the ready to keep shirts from getting wrinkled after being removed from the dryer. Do I always use them? Full disclosure: no. I’m working on it, though! I’m also working on folding as I unload. It drives the impatient side of me crazy, but the organizational junkie in me is thrilled to have it done and ready to put in their designated homes in our bedroom.

{When we’re really on a roll, we just keep the laundry goin’ and Daniel and I sit down for a movie or two and have what we call a “folding party.” I’m sure our future children will be thrilled to participate in their weird parents’ silly housekeeping ritual.}

What I’ve found in my research so far has given me hope that we’re going in the right direction. Outside of Martha Stewart or The Gap, most expert sources I’ve come across mutually agree that you don’t have to be perfect. While I’d love a gorgeous linen closet found in a home decorating magazine, I’m currently finding my neat (and pared-down) one acceptable. While I can appreciate the crisp clean folds of the clothes for sale at a store, I am perfectly willing to put my own clothes in their spots with minimal wrinkles.

The same sources also tell me that it’s okay that I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to sorting and laundering … that in fact it can be a road block if all I am worried about is washing something in the absolutely best way and so I freeze and don’t wash it at all if I’m not certain what that way is. Let me tell you … that hit home. That’s exactly why those wool sweaters, blankets, and delicates are still waiting for their turn in the washing machine or sink. I’m petrified I’ll ruin my favorite wrap and never be able to wear it to a dinner party again. The funny thing is, when you think about, I’ll never be able to wear it again anyway if it just stays in that pile of laundry.

Here’s some of the best suggestions I’ve come across so far:

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Day 9: Master Bedroom Closet Reveal!

Y’all, I’m psyched.

I mean, this is huge. HUGE, I tell ya! Remember this? This gem of disorder and clutter and rods hung with too many unused pieces of clothing, old shoes, and random junk on the top shelf?

Well, friends, that closet is a thing of the past. I present you with our “new” clean and well-organized closet!

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Day 6: Closet Project Sneak Preview

Our closet project began when we moved in together after the wedding. We’ve given away big black trash bags full of clothing that was outdated or unworn or unwanted. Now we’re down to a more manageable amount, but, as you can see, the closet still needs help, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we continued to keep Goodwill in business.

Here is a little before shot to demonstrate where we’re at right now. I’ll be posting the during and after shots in a little while. If I had my dream closet, this would be outfitted in the Elfa system, but we rent, so we have to make do with what we have. Budget is also a constraint, but we’re working around that by doing our closet makeover in separate steps.

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