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Creative Salvage is Open Again

Hi everyone! Just a quick announcement that, after an extended sabbatical, I’ve reopened my Creative Salvage shop. I left it in vacation mode a month longer than initially planned, but it’s back up and running now. I’ll be adding new items soon (I’m working on compiling some vintage inspiration packs like I sentĀ  for the shop swap!).

Here’s a sampling of what’s currently for sale:

{The Girls of Cleveland Ohio, black and white photographs | Creative Salvage}

{Blue and white tin canister | Creative Salvage}

{Early Frisbee “Flying Saucer” | Creative Salvage}

I’m back and ready to go. I even have a special blog promo code for you. Add BCDPROMO to your checkout to receive 20% of your purchase price for a limited time only. Thanks, and have a lovely day!


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Creative Salvage in a Lovely Etsy Treasury: World Travels and Antique Dreams…

My Vintage International Envelopes and Stamps in ‘World Travels and Antique Dreams…’ by dawnandross


Valentine Gift for Her …


Vintage 1970’s Khak…


Wire Wrapped Necklace, …


1896 South America – An…


Organic Handmade Soap C…


Brass Planter with Leaf…


Writer Art – ACEO Print…


Gorgeous Butter Soft Le…


red creek jasper and st…


International Vintage S…


Vintage Letterpress Sen…


Vintage black and cream…


1960s Floral Day Dress …


Raindrops Earrings in F…


200 American and Intern…


Hand Built Cream and Su…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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What to do? What to do? Plans for an Exciting 2012

So, we’re moved in. The holidays are over. I got my Creative Salvage Etsy shop up and running (although I’m hoping to take photos and add new vintage things very soon). Life is settling down from the flurry of activity from September, when we found out we’d be moving, to November, when I opened my shop, to December, when we spent a week with my family, soaking up the precious minutes with loved ones who live far away from us. Now, the post-holiday shopping lull is upon us and my weekends have suddenly freed up for the first time since. Um. I can’t remember. Probably July or August? Ha!

So, I’m breaking out the ol’ camera and I’m going to continue the organizational journey I embarked upon a year ago. My hope is to have a house tour of our new digs up online sometime in the near future and also begin a new schedule of a before-and-after series from my adventures in organizing the new home. My to-do list for blogging, planning projects, and running a business of my own (as well as helping my husband with his) will definitely keep us busy for months to come! I’m looking forward to sharing the continued journey with you and would love to hear how you are doing with yours.

Photo: Joy

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Moving on Up!

Now that the downstairs is (mostly) set up, I’ve moved on to the upstairs. The office renovation is nearing its last steps; it is time to tackle the chaos of the guest bedroom.

Now, if I was normal (ha!) this would be the place we put a bed and a nightstand and a trunk full of extra blankets and linens, and it would all be so pretty.

I’m not normal.

So while, yes, we have left room for a bed/air mattress for future guests, I’ve decided I need space to store all the vintage goodies for my Etsy shop, Creative Salvage. So onward and upward, movin’ on up … all of my stash is going to be moved to Spare ‘Oom, as C.S. Lewis would say.

The problem is, what will I put it all on to keep it safe? I thought about this for some time. With a near-zero budget (I’m boot-strapping my itty bitty bizĀ  for sure), I had to get creative. So, I stole some shelving from the garage and a tower of plastic drawers from our office (Daniel will never notice they’re gone. Shh. Don’t tell.) I also have an empty vintage metal cabinet I’ll snag. I’m kicking our luggage out of the closet. It will go … um … in the attic? Somewhere. And I’ll set up an inventory area and packing/shipping area. Hopefully, it will all fit.

I’m determined to have my business organized, both for our sanity and for better customer service.

And then I’m going shopping for more stock to fill the shelves and make my efforts worthwhile. Hey, it’s as good as an excuse as any.

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