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DIY No-Sew Vintage Sheet Curtain Tutorial

Yes, you read that correctly. I said “vintage sheet,” and “no-sew.”

Though Dwell Home, Amy Butler, or Ty Pennington fabrics may catch my eye, the budget guides my wallet, and, frankly, budget wins over designer pattern lust any day in our house.

Since I already had the necessary heat bonding tape on hand (though I had to scramble a bit to find it), the grand total of the cost of my DIY curtains was ….


Yup.  A mere $2.99 for some lovely little vintage curtains.

I was shopping in Goodwill and grabbed this sheet and carried it around with me while I was shopping so nobody else would claim it. (You know, to protect my prize from all the other DIYers teaming about the place hoping to make their own curtains from that very same vintage sheet. Obviously.) Before I did anything rash the hubby would regret (let’s face it: that’s a very feminine print), I texted this message and photo to Daniel.

Me: "Could you live with this until we can afford more expensive curtains? I think it is pretty." Daniel: "Sure."

Sweet! He approves! That lovely sheet was mine just a few minutes later.

So let’s get to the really juicy part … the tutorial.

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DIY Curtain Fabric Inspiration

I spent some time on Fabric.com Thursday evening, using their fabulous “Design Wall” tool while hunting down the perfect fabric for some do-it-yourself curtains I have planned. I didn’t hold myself to a particular price range, so I may not be able to afford a few of these, but I can still use them for inspiration. I plan to take a printout of this image with me while looking for my fabric, whether new or vintage.

The result will be a part (I hope!) of a weekend-long project that should stretch my DIY moxie, let my creative artistic side soar, and miraculously stick to a practically non-existent budget. If I succeed, you’ll be the first to know!

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