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Our New Office

Ever since I first began browsing through home decorating magazines (before blogs were popular) and then blogs, and then Pinterest, I have loved the look of white-on-white rooms, especially loft apartments or offices. The blank canvas of the walls would always be accented by punchy graphic prints and colorful art or quirky eclectic collections.

That’s why Daniel and I chose Behr Polar Bear white for our new office paint color. (With the exception of one wall which will be 75% Idea Paint whiteboard paint and 25% nearly-lime-green aka Behr Japanese Fern or something like that.)

Today is my man’s 30th birthday (Happy Birthday, Babe!) Last night I stayed up waaayyyy late to get our office ready for his first birthday present. He’s been really wanting our office to be completed. So I finished the last paint touches on all but the soon-to-be-whiteboard wall and dressed the place up with already existing pictures and items we had on hand.


I have to admit, this is my favorite nook! The typewriter is an Underwood and was passed down to Daniel by his grandfather. The “art” is a T.J.Maxx pet placemat for the floor that I framed. The plant I got from the Nashville Farmer’s Market. I got it months ago and haven’t killed it.  This is amazing.

Slightly blurry view of the desks … sorry. Still getting used to my iPhone.

Other view of the office, birthday edition!

Print station, with Kenyan Rhino carving

Sock monkey!

Hatch Show Print find

Limited edition Princess Bride  print from Movies In Haiku at Etsy.

And finally, my favorite birthday boy in his new office …

The weather was beautiful and warm today, the leaves were gorgeous, our celebratory pumpkin cheesecake and coffee with caramel creamer was delicious, and the company was fantastic. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better first day in the new office.

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Day 13: Daniel’s Dishwashing Hack

Today’s post is by my first guest blogger on Behind Closed Drawers … none other than my favorite geek in the whole wide world: my husband.

Daniel is self-employed as a business and computer analyst/programmer who customizes database solutions for his clients.  He is also what I like to call an “ethical hacker,” in other words, he can test your system’s innards to hunt out the weak spots and then help you fix them. His analytical style of thinking means he constantly pokes and probes to see how he can make a system–any system, not just computer a system–better.

So, it is not surprising that his personal methodical approach to doing our dishes and keeping our kitchen sink clean is a life hack that has actually improved our process quite a bit. I’ve been very pleased with the result, and I’m proud of him for being such a shining example of husbandly helpfulness.

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