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Oh, Hello Friend Shop Swap, Part 2

Well, what have we here? A box from Megan of Megan E Sass, for the Oh, Hello Friend Shop Swap! For me? Why, thank you.

I looked inside …

Just look at those pretty, pretty little brown paper packages wrapped up with string! The thick, fluffy yarn was a wonderful indicator of what was enclosed.

I unwrapped them with glee.

Aren’t they beautiful? The craftsmanship is superb. Megan did a fantastic job. I haven’t had an opportunity for myself or Zoe to model our gifts yet, but I’m looking forward to it soon.

I received these Monday morning, shortly after I posted about my package I sent her. She sent me:

Seriously. She made my day!

Here’s the crocheted heart that now decorates my dresser:

Psst. This shot is a sneak-peak from a future post about how I recently began using a serving tray as my unlikely storage for accessories!

So that’s the shop swap package I got in the mail from Megan! In case you missed it, I documented the package I sent her in an earlier post, and I first mentioned that I was participating in Oh, Hello Friend’s Shop Swap here. It’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed every minute.

p.s. Tomorrow I’ll introduce my guest blogger series, You Can Do It! Stay tuned. 🙂



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One of those days

You know what I mean. The ones where you don’t get everything done you expect to get done. In fact, you’re lucky to get done what you know NEEDS to be done.

I threw out some chili today I had forgotten about in the fridge. That was good. Oh, and I returned two overdue library books today. However, other than those two things, I’m hard pressed to find anything else productive I’ve completed for the home or from my to-do list in the past two days.

Well, forget to-do lists. Sometimes you just want to live life as it happens. Today is that day for me.

Also, yesterday I had an excuse. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and while my hubby and I don’t celebrate it full-scale like some people do, he took my dog Zoe out for me in the early morning freezing rain and let me sleep in while he braved the weather again to get me a latte. Did I mention I love that man?

As for me, I did find the time to get a fun card and surprise him with some hot chocolate stir-sticks from Ticket Kitchen. We’re gonna try them tonight, so I’ll let you know the verdict, but just from opening the package I’m very excited for the taste test. They were delivered in adorable packaging and a red bow. Perfection.

{Image: Ticket Kitchen}

In other news, I’m excited to be participating in a shop item swap that was dreamed up by Danni over at Oh Hello Friend. In a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise, I got my shop swap partner assignment last night!

I’ve been paired up with the talented Megan who has the shop meganEsass at Etsy. Seriously, you should check out this girl’s lovely handknit apparel and housewares.

Since we had a February wedding, I would have loved to have found this one-of-a-kind knit lace bridal shawl two years ago!

{Image: meganEsass}

And how fun are these dog collars? Zoe would look adorable in one.

{Image: meganEsass}

And finally, anyone who knows me knows how I love mason jars. Well, check out these mason jar candleholders/vases she designed for her own wedding. They are sweet during the day and have a lovely glow if used as votive holders at night:

{Image: meganEsass}

{Image: meganEsass}

Megan and I are going to swap items from our shops and send them to each other. I’ll be sure to post again when I choose what to send her, and when I receive what she sends me! I’m having a lot of fun with this and just wanted to send a shout-out to Danni (thank you so much!) for coming up with the idea to do this. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love getting a pretty gift in pretty packaging in the mail?

Now, back to my day. I’m doing something new today. I’m not cleaning house or organizing. Nope. I’m taking a mini break from that. So, for the past day or two I’ve been working on editing a novel I wrote several years ago. It’s been in the works for quite awhile and it is a labor of love. Fitting, considering the time of year it is right now. Funny how creative things haunt you, even years later. Well, today I’m chopping up bits of that novel and rearranging them in the best order I can. It’s a fun, if complicated, task that I enjoy now and then.

That being said, see you tomorrow, when I’ll get right back into the organizing swing of things!


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