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Home Tour Tuesday: The Entryway Hall

Is it Tuesday already? Crazy. But here goes … welcome to the Brame residence. Come on in and stay awhile! Here’s my little ol’ entryway hall in all its (non) glory. Our home is a builder basic house with its share of little quirks. Not the least of which is a funny curvature of the wall where the hall ends. The bottom is wider than the top. You can sort of see this in the first picture with the shot of the entire hall. Hmmm.

From the perspective of our kitchen and living room, looking down the hall, the dining room is on the left. (Or, if you prefer, it is on the right immediately upon entering.)

I knew that I eventually want to get a console table for the hallway, to hold miscellaneous items and pull the hallway together. For now, that dream table is going to have to wait; we are operating on a tight budget as we pay off debt, and I’m okay with that.

Not having money to buy new things has made me re-purpose those items we have. Hence, the use of two tv dinner folding tables we got for our wedding. Ta-da! Instant “console.” I added the crocheted lace runner from my grandmother to tie the two pieces together. The lamp is another item stolen from another room. Its mate is in our bedroom, but I like to have a softer light than our overhead light to leave on when we go out, so that it is easy to see when we first enter the hall when we return. The letter “B” was a thrift store find before I even met my husband. Funny how that works out, huh? The bulletin board is for storing notes and our gym’s class schedule (and most recently Christmas cards from friends). The basket in front of it is yet ANOTHER item stolen from another room. I use this one to hold keys until we put up a key-holder, but its siblings are in our bathroom, holding toiletries. Finally, the white plastic-coated wire “mail sorter” is actually a plate holder from The Container Store.

I’ve had this set-up in the hall for several weeks now and can’t imagine living without it. My keys are usually handy, as is an iPod for runs, and any outgoing mail or bills I need to remember to take with me to the post office when I make a Creative Salvage shipping run. Having a “landing strip” is an invaluable tool for staying organized on the go. I love mine, even if it is pulled together from the most unlikely culprits. Spending $0 on it was worth the sacrifice in other rooms, although I admit I’m really looking forward to purchasing new or new-to-me furniture and trimmings that will let me return the current items to their original uses.

I got the idea to create a landing strip from Apartment Therapy. If you’re not familiar with Apartment Therapy, go check out their site, but for now, here’s a video their founder, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan created to discuss the importance of having a landing strip in the entryway of your home.

Day 8 – 20/20 Home Cure – Fall 2010 from maxwell gillingham-ryan on Vimeo.

What vision do I have for this spot in our home in the months to come? Well, I pulled together a little somethin’ somethin’ with Polyvore. Take a look!

Entry Hall

We already have the sweet branch hooks from Urban Outfitters. I am working on finding a good, simple console table. They don’t call me the Craigslist Queen for nothin’ … I’m haunting that site all the time! I would add the baskets for storage, the umbrella stand for looks and practicality, a box to hold the dog leash perhaps, and if budget allowed, a new (fun) lamp and maybe a cool lighting fixture for the ceiling … like maybe a chandelier? Oooh, that would be nice. My big dream is to get rid of the boring, bland tile and install hardwood or laminate flooring. That may or may not happen, but I added it to the inspiration board, just in case. Oh, and the wire basket for files? I already bought something similar this weekend, and I’m excited to install it!
So, then the BIG question is … paint color. The hall expands into the main living space with our living room and kitchen, however there is that small edge where the hall ends and the wider kitchen/living are begins, so I could possibly use a different color.
Which color would you use? Each color patch is an option. I’m just figuring this out slowly, over time, so I make the correct choice.
And that completes this week’s Home Tour Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you’ve checked out the fabulous free giveaway I’m hosting. The deadline is this Thursday at 9pm CST, so add your comment to enter the drawing today!
p.s. I’m trying out a blog photo layout from Pugly Pixel. Isn’t it pretty? Many thanks to Katrina for being so generous with her lovely creative freebies!


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Create a Landing Strip for an Entryway

I’ve heard the phrase “landing strip” used quite a bit in home improvement blogs these days, most notably Apartment Therapy. It’s a simple idea that is easily overlooked. Having a place for keys, purse, dog leash, and outgoing bills or thank you notes to be sent eases last minute panicked searches and adds peace of mind. It isn’t always the prettiest part of the house, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be purely utilitarian, either.

I’ve mentioned the coat hooks we purchased and the key hooks, as well. They’re about to go up on our walls at the next opportunity we have. In the meantime, I solved the problem of using our keyboard as a table by bringing down an actual small table with a drawer. It was my mother’s and though it is very well worn, I love it and think it will be more useful by our front door than our bedroom door. Sometime soon I will refinish it, but for now it is perfectly sturdy and useful as is. I also put a green decorative pot underneath for our umbrellas. Pretty much its sole purpose in life is to catch the condensation and keep it from soaking into our carpet.

Even though there is much work to be done for our landing strip (this is by no means a final “after” shot! It’s more like a “during” shot), the little table is already doing a smashing job. I haven’t lost Zoe’s leash or my keys. And the peasants rejoiced! Huzzah!

I’m still trying to figure out how to balance the wall and window, though. I had to push the keyboard to the left in order to fit the table. This means it is really close to the fireplace, and it is very left-heavy instead of previously being centered across the window. I’m thinking of solving this by adding a curtain pulled to left so that it covers part of the wall and visually seems to be centered. Thoughts?

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Where Are My Keys?!

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re getting ready for work or maybe just a workout, and you’re dressed, you’ve had your coffee, your purse or briefcase or gym bag is in hand, you get to the door and …

You realize you have no idea where to find your keys.  In 2.2 minutes, you’ll miss your window of opportunity to beat the traffic/catch the bus/find 30 minutes to spare. You start to panic.

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