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Surrounded by Love

February is drawing to a close, and I’m feeling very introspective today. As I look over at the mantle above my fireplace, I see the cards I’ve saved from people recognizing Daniel’s and my first anniversary, side-by-side with the Valentine’s Day cards we gave each other (his to me was sweet, mine to him was silly). Zoe is sitting at my feet, lazing in the sunshine coming through the living room window. Scattered throughout the room are pictures of friends and family. In the bookcase to my right is the carefully curated, ever-changing collection of books that represent the many interests that we have, many of which Daniel and I share and discuss regularly together.

In short, I am surrounded by love. Sitting in, in this spot at this time, I am content. It’s a good place to be.

I hope you have a place like this … a spot where, for if only a moment in time, everything is quiet and calm and full of potential. When you find the spot, nurture it; bring out the beauty in it. Enjoy it. Share it.

I know I will.

{Image: rknds}


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Picking Paints: Or, In Search of the Perfect Greige

We have swatches up all over our house. I got the idea from the ever-amazing dynamic duo behind Young House Love, but I admit I got a little carried away. From the dining room to the bedroom, I had them taped up by the dozens for easy viewing in all kinds of lighting. At one point, it looked like we had decorated the wall behind our bed in some kind of abstract multi-colored pixel painting. There were that many colors up there!

We whipped out a trusty extra-fine point Sharpie and starred the ones we like at different points of the day. If a color was obviously wrong for the space, we pulled it off the wall. One by one, the swatches came down, and now just a few are competing for space.

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Starburst Mirror Joy

I’ve been hunting for a starburst mirror in my budget for months. Months. I know I can’t afford an original or even a pricey high-end copycat.

I can, however, afford this lovely little knock-off from Target:

Be still my beating heart. I can put this in the budget! Since June I’ve wanted to put a gold starburst mirror above this fireplace, and now, it is within my reach. Hallelujah! Maybe next month it will reside there.

psst – if gold isn’t your thing, I found a similar (but not identical) silver one for around the same price at T.J.Maxx’s HomeGoods store in Franklin, TN.

{Photos: Mirror – Target, Mantle – Andrea B of Behind Closed Drawers}

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Where Are My Keys?!

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re getting ready for work or maybe just a workout, and you’re dressed, you’ve had your coffee, your purse or briefcase or gym bag is in hand, you get to the door and …

You realize you have no idea where to find your keys.  In 2.2 minutes, you’ll miss your window of opportunity to beat the traffic/catch the bus/find 30 minutes to spare. You start to panic.

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