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Nashville Craigslist Finds: More Mid-Century Modern

I’ve been at it again! I’m hunting down some dining room furniture and night stands. It’s been a long hunt … but I’ve found a bunch of stuff that might be helpful for other vintage-modern eclectic decor loving Nashville residents.

If you are one of them, I hope this helps!

1) Looking to sell this mid-century sofa (Clarksville), MAKE OFFER; 2) Mid-century Modern Cabinet – $275 (murfreesboro); 3) Mid Century Westnofa style Lounge Chair – $150 (Nashville); 4) 50’s – 60’s Round Wooden Coffee Table – Mid Century Modern – $75 (Berry Hill, Nashville)


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Nashville Craigslist Finds

Anyone else in Nashville looking for some quality furniture at a reasonable price? I know I am. Now, I can’t use these, but if anything catches your eye, I’ve found a few things you might want to click on and check out further. I’ve add things that catch my eye in the mid-century modern, modern, and eclectic styles. Happy hunting!

Mid century modern lane side table/coffee table – $89 (Franklin) (ABOVE)

Mahogany Armoire – $300 (Hendersonville)


Pair HOT PINK Mid Century Modern Arm Chairs – $175 (Franklin)

Modern Floor Mirror- Black Distressed – $199 (Nashville)

West Elm Bond Desk (Large) – $200 (Franklin, TN)

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How to Be Prepared for When Snowpocalypse Hits

I’m not from the South, originally. After spending half my life in Tennessee and one third of it in the Nashville area, I claim myself as a transplant and call it home, but true locals would still say I wasn’t from around here. After all, I wasn’t born in a Nashville hospital.

That being said, I appreciate the horror with which we respond to that dreaded natural disaster … snow.

For those who aren’t familiar with the panic snow can create in the South, please bear with me. We have some winters with only one or two dustings of snow that melt within hours or a day at most. Actual accumulation is very foreign to us! We also only have a few snowplows per area to take care of the roads. It really isn’t safe.

I spent 2 hours stranded at work yesterday after 3 inches of snow covered our city and caused a panic that jammed the roads with vehicles in gridlock from just after the snow began to accumulate around 3:30pm until late into the evening. Coworkers came back to work an hour after having left–they had gone just a few blocks in that time and decided to wait it out inside our building. Daniel refused to let me drive home in my little Corolla with a mere quarter tank of gas in it. He left at 3:45 to pick me up and arrived at 6:50. On a good traffic day, that trip would have taken 20 minutes or less. We left the office around 7:00 and braved the interstate to come home. By that time, the worst of the traffic had cleared and we only had to deal with the horrendous condition of the roads (even the highways were unplowed) and the scary driving of people less cautious than we. (Note to drivers: abruptly slowing down or speeding up quickly over a bridge that might be icy? Never a good idea. Slowing down to a crawl or coming to a full stop right before a slick hill? Also not a good idea.)

I hadn’t brought my snow boots with me. Or enough food to eat a dinner at work. Or a scarf. Or gloves. Or even a water bottle. I didn’t fill up my gas tank on the way to work, even though there had been a snow prediction. I didn’t take a half day to save myself the grief of driving home in what could only become a mess if the snow that was predicted actually came.

In short: I wasn’t prepared.

So, I thought this would be a great time to go over the things that I could have done to be more prepared. Things that, if you’re a Nashvillian, it would be wise to do next time the weatherman predicts snow.

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Nashville Shopping Trip

Daniel and I wandered Green Hills onĀ  Sunday to visit Tuesday Morning and West Elm. We were in search of stylish storage solutions and, after picking up this slick pencil cup at West Elm, went on to the Nashville West shopping center on Charlotte Pike and scored a large bamboo cutting board (I swear, I’m in love with bamboo lately,) a white junk drawer organizer, and a granite mortar and pestle at Marshalls.

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