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Container Store Shopping Trip

My good friend, Joy, and I drove to Green Hills this afternoon to attend the Grand Opening of the The Container Store in Nashville. We were so excited; it was like early Christmas for us organization freaks. I can’t express how much I love that she and I are kindred spirits in our sense of style and appreciation of all things organizational. We wandered the store for hours, dodging the masses of people and drooling over all the shelving, kitchen stuff, office supplies, and yes, containers.

Here’s a shot of a dreamy closet I wish was mine:

Of course, we didn’t come home empty-handed. In fact, after a brief tour and demonstration of their Elfa system closet organizers, she won a $25 Elfa System gift card … and then GAVE IT TO ME. Just because she knew I could use it. Have I mentioned that I love this lady? I bought this sliding drawer system for one of our kitchen cupboards to hold cutting boards and tall kitchen-y things. Thank you, Joy. You rock.

I also bought an under-shelf hanging organizer to help with our dishes and a pot lid holder. I’m going back with Daniel soon (his birthday request. Why yes, we are pretty geeky like that), so I’m sure we’ll get more loot.

In closing, here’s a parting shot of an item I find especially appealing. My hatred of cable mess is well known to my husband. (He regularly hears me say, “I see cables! Please hide them!) So he was amused to receive this picture in text message while we shopped. Hint hint.


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Let’s Go Shopping: Drawer Organizers

One by one, the drawers in our house are getting cleaned, organized, and used on a regular basis with much more ease than before their transformations. I already have some organizers for our bathroom drawers and our kitchen “junk” drawer, but there are still more drawers to go. In particular, I’d like to organize my sock drawer. Silly, maybe. But true.

So I went shopping to see what was out there. Here’s what I found:

1) Modular Drawer Organizers, $29.95 – $36.95; 2) Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers, $2.99 – $6.99; 3) Madesmart Junk Drawer Organizer, $11.99; 4) Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers, $4.99

Ooooh .. #4 would be PERFECT for that sock drawer! Too bad there isn’t The Container Store here in Nashville. Sadness. I’d be in organizational heaven if there were and I could go and visit!

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Save it For a Rainy Day: $150 Or Less

Today it rained and rained and rained and rained. Part of me was a little worried we’d end up flooding all over Nashville like it did last May, but the other part was eager to wear my cute rain boots. I was glad I did … I got several compliments on them!

So, considering my late start on the posting today, I decided to capitalize on the the theme. Some days are just those stay-in-your-pajamas-and-watch-tv kind of days. Others, when the weather gets warmer, are the take-off-your-shoes-and-dance-in-the-rain kind of days. Whichever it is, you still have certain things to take care of if you go outside and come back in at all. Things like an umbrella, wet shoes, and bits of gravel that stick on the bottom of those shoes.

It’s a Saturday evening, and it’s still raining. I’m going shopping!

1) Adesso Contour Coat Rack, $74.99; 2) Frankford Golf Bubble Umbrella, $36.90; 3) Two’s Company Owl Umbrella Stand, $139.99; 4) TV Trends Shamtastic Super Absorbent Towels, $12.99; 5) Beslagsboden Coat Rack, $18.35; 6) Puddletons Bees, $39.99; 7) Majestic Boot Tray, $4.89

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Shopping With Polyvore

Sunday night I decided to watch some television and just relax. I ended up at a site called Polyvore that lets you sift through the world of fashion and add items to your collection. Such fun! I found shoes, shirts, dresses, jewelry, and bags that I never could afford without giving up a year of chocolate, and yet I didn’t spend a dime.

I tried my hand at some home styling, too. Though I couldn’t find a ready supply of items to purchase from their regular list, playing with what they call “sets” allowed me to browse through items and create a living room just for the fun of it. Here’s what I came up with:

Spool Accent Table
$199 – crateandbarrel.com

Clearance home decor | Coldwater Creek
$40 – coldwatercreek.com

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Nashville Shopping Trip

Daniel and I wandered Green Hills on  Sunday to visit Tuesday Morning and West Elm. We were in search of stylish storage solutions and, after picking up this slick pencil cup at West Elm, went on to the Nashville West shopping center on Charlotte Pike and scored a large bamboo cutting board (I swear, I’m in love with bamboo lately,) a white junk drawer organizer, and a granite mortar and pestle at Marshalls.

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Day 14: Bathroom Shopping Trip

The weather man is calling for snow again. I really have a hard time comprehending how much snow we’ve had in the past month or so here in Nashville. January through March is always cold and there is usually a freeze, but this has been extraordinary.

In about thirty minutes from writing this on Tuesday night for today’s post, we’re supposed to get up to six inches of snow. Most of the time this means the neighborhood grocery stores are filled with people out to buy milk and eggs and bread, but Daniel and I headed to Target and picked up something a little more lasting … those acrylic bathroom drawer organizers I’ve had my eye on and a new shower liner for the new shower curtain that arrived today!

Soon this will be a thing of the past:

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Day 12: Bathroom Upgrades Sneak Peak

Along with organizing comes the desire to make my place as welcoming, calming, and pleasing to the eye as possible. I’m on a budget, so anytime I come across a great deal on an item we’ve already planned to purchase that’s both in my style and price point and Daniel approves–I buy!

The other day we were in Target and saw a shower curtain that was perfect for our master bath, but it was just a smidge out of our home improvement budget range for this month. I passed. It was pretty though, with a simple gray border around a white fabric curtain.

Then, I checked my email from Gilt Groupe today and found an even better sale on a similar looking shower curtain with a brown dual stripe border which will look fantastic in our bathroom. Say hello to our new master bath shower curtain!

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