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In Other News, Spammers Think This Blog is Magnificent

If you blog, you get spam comments. You may evade them for a few months, but eventually you’ll happen upon posting something with enough key words that spammers find you and BAM! suddenly you have some pests to deal with. Fortunately, WordPress.com uses Aksimet, so 99.9% of my spam comments get caught by a filter.

Well, apparently “Dog Food Bucket” is a draw for spammers. Because this morning, I woke up and had about 14 spam comments on last Friday’s post.

Now, usually I delete spam so my readers are not blasted with the eyesore. But today … today I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Today’s batch somehow managed to massage my ego AND make me laugh. So, I took out the spammy email addresses and websites they were trying to trick you and me to click on and visit, and I’m posting a couple of quick images. Sorry for the small print!

Peter, I’m glad you feel my posts are Masterwork. If you had added “ful” instead of “work” it might have made more sense. 😉

Hey Gabriel, umm, just pointing out the obvious here, but IE is Internet Explorer, so I’m not really all that worried. Nice try.

Luis … stop it … you’re making me blush … I’m gonna be a famous blogger, if I’m not already? Awww, shucks!

And if they weren’t complimentary enough …

Oh, Margarett, no worries, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll definitely “write extra on this topic” in the future.

Brain .. not Brian, BRAIN … where to begin? You’re starting a brand new scheme in your community? Buddy, announcing it publicly is not exactly the best way to dupe your neighbors. Good luck with your “volunteers” and your plan for community domination!

And last, but most certainly not least …

WHOAH. Scott thinks this blog is magnificent.

Sir, you just made my day.



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