To-Do List

Front yard

  1. Plant flowers in the mailbox flower pot.
  2. Landscape around the driveway
  3. Clean flower beds in front of house
  4. Plant flowers in the beds in front of house
  5. Clean and touch up the pillar and entryway
  6. Wash front door
  7. Re-paint front door?
  8. Topiary or ornament on front entryway


  1. Install wall organizers
  2. New shelving
  3. Paint floor?
  4. Insulate water heater?
  5. Set up a workspace for Daniel
  6. Unpack the last remaining boxes
  7. WD-40 the terrible screeching wheels on the tracks to open door
  8. Fix garage door opener and get new remote


  1. Find a longer rug for safety
  2. Purchase console table
  3. Purchase mirror?
  4. Purchase lamp
  5. Purchase letter holder
  6. Purchase baskets for clutter control
  7. New light fixture
  8. Paint

Dining Room

  1. Add wainscoting and crown molding
  2. Paint
  3. Replace light fixture
  4. Replace curtain rod
  5. Replace curtains
  6. Purchase buffet?
  7. Purchase dining room table
  8. Purchase dining room chairs
  9. Purchase dining room rug
  10. Add art


  1. Refinish cabinets?
  2. Add new hardware to cabinets
  3. Create a place to put tall items like cereal boxes so they aren’t on the counter top
  4. New counters?
  5. Install new sink?
  6. Install new sink fixtures?
  7. Add slide-out drawers to some deeper cupboards
  8. Purchase new dishes
  9. Purchase new shelf liner
  10. Purchase bookends for cookbook collection
  11. Purchase non-slip rug for by sink
  12. Decorate on top of cupboards
  13. Get rid of fluorescent lighting
  14. Add new lighting fixtures
  15. Get organizers that fit shelves to increase storage capability, especially in the deep ones
  16. Paint
  17. Add backsplash? Tile?

Laundry Room

  1. Install built-ins for storage
  2. Paint
  3. Add better shelving above units?

Living Room

  1. New media console with storage
  2. Purchase rug
  3. Purchase curtain rod
  4. Purchase curtains
  5. Purchase new coffee table or ottoman
  6. Purchase new end tables
  7. Purchase new throw pillows
  8. Purchase new lamps?
  9. Purchase better piano bench (with storage)
  10. Purchase and install programmable digital thermostat
  11. Update the ceiling fan. I’m not 100% anti-ceiling fan but this one, while not the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen (at least it blends in) is also not doing the ceiling any favors
  12. Find a good spot to store the telescope where I’m not scared I’ll crash into it
  13. Add art
  14. Paint

Coat Closet

  1. Purchase baskets for shelf storage
  2. Purchase nicer hangers

Master Bedroom

  1. Purchase curtains
  2.  Update ceiling fan. Must it really be there? It doesn’t help that much. This isn’t Hawaii.
  3. Figure out what to do with the door to the patio. Curtains? Thermal shade?
  4. DIY or Purchase a headboard
  5. DIY or Purchase nightstands
  6. Purchase rug
  7. Refinish my mom’s old end table
  8. Refinish/purchase new dresser
  9. Purchase additional chest of drawers
  10. Purchase mirror
  11. Add art
  12. Install crown molding?
  13. Get a new crate dog bed for Zoe at night

Master Bathroom

  1. Paint
  2. Update mirror
  3. Update light fixtures
  4. Refinish or update cabinet?
  5. Update sinks
  6. Update sink fixtures
  7. Update shower?
  8. New (big) shower mat
  9. Install shelves over toilet?
  10. Makeup organization container
  11. Shaving organization container
  12. Toiletries container
  13. Organizational baskets or bins for under bathroom sink storage
  14. Baskets or bins for top shelf linen closet storage
  15. Install tile?

Master Bedroom Closet

  1. Find more baskets like the ones already on shelf for additional storage
  2. Huggable or wooden hangers (make a decision!)
  3. Better shoe storage solution
  4. Store wedding dress properly
  5. Paint
  6. Improve shelving? Elfa?

Downstairs in general dream wish list

  1. Demolish the blah tile
  2. Tear up carpet
  3. Install hardwood or laminate flooring
  4. Get rid of the stupid “texture” on the ceiling


  1. Remove carpet and install hardwood/laminate?
  2. PAINT (oh my goodness. Those handprints and smudges are ridiculous)
  3. Add art and family photos
  4. Add wainscoting?

Attic Space

  1. Put down more plywood so I can store more boxes
  2. Do something about the insulation that gets into everything? Is there anything that can be done and even IMPROVE the insulation? Must look into this.

Second Floor Landing

  1. Remove carpet and install hardwood/laminate?
  2. Paint
  3. Update lighting fixture
  4. Add art

Upstairs Bathroom

  1. Paint
  2. Fix wood trim that is peeling
  3. Update shower?
  4. Update cabinet and sink?
  5. Update mirror
  6. Update lighting fixtures
  7. New shower rod?
  8. New shower curtain
  9. Update toilet?
  10. Remove or keep current storage on wall?

Office (aka 3rd Bedroom)

  1. Paint
  2. Add whiteboard paint to wall
  3. Use temporary desks
  4. New desk layout
  5. Add art
  6. Install shelving
  7. New file cabinets that work smoother
  8. Update lighting fixture
  9. Make closet an organized storage area
  10. New office chairs
  11. Install shade for window?
  12. Rug

2nd Bedroom

  1. Paint?
  2. Get guest bed? Murphy bed?
  3. Create a packaging center for Creative Salvage
  4. Improve current storage for Creative Salvage stock
  5. Add art
  6. Seating/reading area
  7. Update lighting fixture
  8. Install curtain rod
  9. Curtains

Side and Back Yard

  1. Clean patio wall and flooring
  2. Get patio furniture
  3. Landscape out back
  4. Shed?
  5. Deck box?
  6. Hose reel?
  7. Trim bushes
  8. Install rain barrel?
  9. Raised bed and/or container garden?
  10. Install privacy fence
  11. Install electric fence for dog around perimeter while saving for fence
  12. Clear out some of the back woods so you can see the creek?
  13. Take care of the dead tree

And … that’s about it! (ha)

2 responses to “To-Do List

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  2. …I’m feeling relieved now seeing your list…it’s as long as mine…but exciting to slowly tick things off the list!

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