Create a Landing Strip for an Entryway

I’ve heard the phrase “landing strip” used quite a bit in home improvement blogs these days, most notably Apartment Therapy. It’s a simple idea that is easily overlooked. Having a place for keys, purse, dog leash, and outgoing bills or thank you notes to be sent eases last minute panicked searches and adds peace of mind. It isn’t always the prettiest part of the house, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be purely utilitarian, either.

I’ve mentioned the coat hooks we purchased and the key hooks, as well. They’re about to go up on our walls at the next opportunity we have. In the meantime, I solved the problem of using our keyboard as a table by bringing down an actual small table with a drawer. It was my mother’s and though it is very well worn, I love it and think it will be more useful by our front door than our bedroom door. Sometime soon I will refinish it, but for now it is perfectly sturdy and useful as is. I also put a green decorative pot underneath for our umbrellas. Pretty much its sole purpose in life is to catch the condensation and keep it from soaking into our carpet.

Even though there is much work to be done for our landing strip (this is by no means a final “after” shot! It’s more like a “during” shot), the little table is already doing a smashing job. I haven’t lost Zoe’s leash or my keys. And the peasants rejoiced! Huzzah!

I’m still trying to figure out how to balance the wall and window, though. I had to push the keyboard to the left in order to fit the table. This means it is really close to the fireplace, and it is very left-heavy instead of previously being centered across the window. I’m thinking of solving this by adding a curtain pulled to left so that it covers part of the wall and visually seems to be centered. Thoughts?

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